A Silent Conversation

Stay with me in stillness, will you? Stay with me in silence, will you? Eloquent words I have in abundance, … More

Genghis Khan

The white wash of the world history classifies warrior kings like Alexander and Julius Caesar as heroes and strategists. It … More

A Life

A life that is limited by time, becomes immortal by it virtue. A life where the physical ceases to exist, … More


The smile manifests on the lips. But it’s evoked from elsewhere. It takes birth from the depths of the ever … More

Sebastian & Sons

Author: T.M.Krishna Like any brilliant book, Sebastian and Sons is a treasure trove of stories. Stories of the resilient human … More

Shri Ramayana Darshanam

Author: Kuvempu | Translated by: S.M.Punekar Ramayana. It’s a story that tells more, much more about the poet, writer, singer, … More