My Bridge of Words

Do we exist in the world or does a world exist in our minds?

Well it is both, isn’t it?

I am glad that I live in a time where this question is not some philosophical quest. It is a rational and a logical point to start a discourse.

Be it the great epics of a very distant past or the current high production fantasy drama, be it evocative poems or 280 characters of outburst, be it the edicts of Ashoka or the constitution of India; they are all but bridges connecting ‘a world’ to ‘the world’. Bridges of words!

And this here in another bridge of words. I travel on this to connect the world that exists in my mind to the one that exists outside of me. Like the world outside me is going through a constant change, similarly the one residing in my mind too is constantly changing. I can only hope that it is for the better.

Since you’ve come this far, take a stroll on my bridge, and see how I see the world. It is not a perfect world, but nonetheless it is ‘a world’.