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Churning of the Ocean: The Universal Template for Social Inequality

Over the last few weeks, across the globe we hear the desperate cries of #BlackLivesMatter. A more sensitive generation, across different races, cultures, varied socio-economic strata are acknowledging the fact that off all human races, the Africans and African origins continue to have the least social acceptance. We need to use this moment of time […]

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Religion – An Annihilator of Revolution

If you believe religion is about Gods, your entire belief is oblivious. Religion is the most successful political structure there has ever been. In its mesmerizing form, it makes you believe that “this” is the epitome of life. You surrender your logical faculties. And before you know it, you are a pawn defined by your […]

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Why Gandhi Belongs to the Future?

Exploring his idea on Power, Plurality and Sustainability The political backdrop against which Gandhi evolved his character is what gets talked about constantly. The progressive mutation of a human spirit that took place in leaps and bounds is completely disregarded. In his 150th birth year, there is a systematic deconstruction of his image being mobilized. […]